How to Improve Your Programming and Coding Workflow

How to Improve Your Programming and Coding WorkflowWhen you think about the IT domain, there’s more to it than just websites and apps. However, these don’t just appear out of nowhere, but someone creates them – an individual or a team who is specially trained in coding and programming.

However, to be able to create a program or a mobile app, you’ll need to have the basics in a programming language, and you’ll also need to work plenty of hours before mastering anything. Even so, when you’ve gotten good enough to get a programming or coding job, you’ll also need to improve your workflow.

Let’s see some tips for improving your programming or coding workflow that will definitely help you.

Less Distractions

When you start on programming something, keep in mind that this is an intensive process, and this demands lots of concentration. Depending on what you like, you could listen to soft music, or you might need total silence when you work on your projects. However, no matter your preferences, make sure you minimize the distractions that are around you.

The Right Questions

When you work with clients who are demanding, make sure you ask more than enough questions from the outset. You need to keep everything under control and leave nothing to chance. You also need to make sure that the client knows exactly what results to expect. Something that you need to learn is that you can present your client with mockups that show finished interfaces for the project along with other aspects of the requested design. You also need to learn that you have to divide the project into smaller projects so that you can show each and every one of them to your client.

Do What You Can

Not trying to do too much can be an easy trap that you can fall into, but the trick is that you need to do only what you can actually do. However, you need to talk to the client and discuss every possibility – what he wants, what you can offer, what can be done for the chosen project. You need to talk everything and take into account every possibility, but don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

Planning in Advance

When you think about your projects, you need to plan the workflow in advance. You can use anything that helps you out – mind maps, flow charts or storyboarding. The best thing to do is to start with a pen and a paper and eliminate possible problems before you start programming or coding. However, if you encounter a problem while coding, you need to step away from the program and work with pen and paper again. This will help you clear things out.

The End User

Whatever you code, you always have to do it with the end user in mind. This means that you need to set up your code in an easy to read manner, substantially organized and with more than enough comments. This will be very helpful for programmers who will work on the same project in the future to understand what you have done there. It will also be a great help to you if you end up working on the same project in several months or years.

Documenting Everything

Apart from what was already said, you also need to learn that documenting everything is the key to knowing what you’ve done and what the results were. You can write checklists, you can add screen shots and videos or you can simply write documents on what the project was.